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It is my great pleasure and honour to invite you to the 14th Annual congress of EUGA which will be held this year in Ljubljana.  

We are proud to host  international experts from  countries  from all around the world and give you the opportunity to share experiences and discuss clinical hot topics  in urogynecology.

Together we strive to improve the quality of life of suffering women by learning and sharing our knowledge, and want to stay as close as possible to  Dalai Lama’ thoughts: »To share the knowledge is a way to achieve eternity«.

The aim of the meeting is to illuminate the trends and new approaches in the field of urogynecology.

The topics of the meeting are giving a broad view of the scientific principles and practical standpoints and new developments in this field of medicine. 

I am convinced that  the lectures will introduce the importance of urogynecology and will encourage the international dialogue between renowned experts. Finally, the meeting will feature oral poster presentations which will allow young colleagues to enroll in presentation of the field of urogynecology from office to research. We all are working hard to ensure a varied, interesting and exciting meeting programme.


It seem's that Slovenia is maybe small, but we promise you, that this meeting will be great. And I am adding more than that: we are looking forward that this meeting will be an extremly rewarding and enjoyable experience for all of us. 


We guarantee that you will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of this hystorical small city  with it's  special charming athmosphere in the advent time in december.  Apart from scientific programme you will have the oportunity to meet less formally  and to talk about your work and tips and tricks of your clinical practise.  Visit us. We are not far away, we are situated in the heart of Europe.


Adolf Lukanović, M.D.,Ph.D





The European Urogynaecology Association (EUGA) exists to facilitate the study and analysis of all aspects of urinary tract and pelvic floor dysfunction, promoting European-wide education and setting the standards in Urogynaecology.  EUGA is a non-profit European organisation founded to advance urogynaecology and support medical professionals practicing in this field.

Through our Annual Congress, CME-accredited training courses and other Europe-wide professional networking opportunities, EUGA promotes the subspecialty of Urogynaecology throughout Europe. Our audit and accreditation programmes allow us to recognise and promote high standards and quality of urogynaecological training, with the ultimate goal of raising the bar and promoting consistency of practice across Europe.

EUGA 2020 Annual Congress will take place from 22th to 24th October 2020 in Dublin.

Attracting over 700 healthcare professionals, the congress provides an excellent opportunity to hear about advances and techniques in the field from a gold standard faculty, and to network with peers from many countries.



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The EUGA Congress is a flagship conference for Urogynecologists in Europe and represents one of the largest gatherings of researchers and industry professionals in the field. EUGA 2021 conference is no exception and brings together delegates from around Europe to discuss latest advances which will be presented through a wide range of topics from innovative diagnostic and therapeutic options, basis science, as well as physiology of the vagina and pelvic organs.

Wishing you a pleasant experience in the EUGA 2021,  we look forward to  meeting you soon.

Don't miss the opportunity to take part!


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