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Review has ended and results are now available. Please kindly note that you'll receive the official outcome letter with the presentation type assigned to your work by the EUGA Scientific and Local Organising Committees.
By checking the status on the link below, please consider only the outcome: the presentation type mentioned there is the one you submitted and not the one selected for the actual presentation.
  • Carefully read the guidelines and make sure to use the given abstract template.

  • NEW Submission deadline is 6th August 2020,  23.59 CEST.

  • Papers will be reviewed by EUGA Scientific Committee and EUGA 2020 Local Organising Committee.

  • Outcomes will be sent to submitting authors by 31st August 2020.

  • If you want to send a video, make sure to send it in a mp4 format via email ( by 6th August 2020.

  • If your contribution will be selected by EUGA reviewers, you will benefit from the special ‘abstract-presenter’ fee.  Your paper will be published on the EUGA Journal, and consequently available to many healthcare professionals (e.g. on a research database). Please consider that publications on refereed journals might result in acquiring CPD credits.

  • One abstract for each topic  will be awarded a 500€ prize by the scientific committee.

Most recent advances in the field will be discussed and presented through a diverse range of topics. You are invited to contribute to the Scientific Programme by submitting your papers for the topics listed below.
- Basic science 
- Epidemiology
- Urinary Incontinence
- Prolapse
- Imaging
- Assessment
- Pregnancy and delivery
Reviewing results will be announced by emailing a notice of acceptance/rejection to corresponding authors by 31st August 2020.
The EUGA 2020 Annual Meeting will feature three types of presentations:
  • Oral (Podium) presentation (5 min presentation + 2.5 min discussion)
  • Poster Oral presentation (3 min presentation + 2 min discussion)
  • Video presentation (5 min presentation + 2.5 min discussion).
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