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EUGA 2019
Tel Aviv, 16-18 October
Meeting Chair: Shimon Ginath

Dear Colleagues

It is my great honour and pleasure to invite you to the forthcoming 12th EUGA annual meeting that will be held in Tel Aviv on October 16-18, 2019. Apart from the interesting, innovative, important and scientific content, you will have an opportunity to see and taste the diverse and beautiful flavours of Israel.

Tel Aviv is the beating heart of Israel and UNESCO has designated the "White City architecture" of Tel Aviv as one of 24 new World Heritage Sites. 

It is therefore our privilege to host EUGA conference in Tel Aviv. The conference will include an interesting, innovative and stimulating scientific program with the aim to make you familiar with the fascinating and inspiring atmosphere of Tel Aviv and the holy land.

The EUGA annual meeting is really a special medical meeting, with its own unique culture and focus. The essence of this meeting is to allow European urogynecologists to share and exchange ideas and present different approaches to the pathologies that we encounter every day regarding pelvic floor, while still having fun with friends and colleagues. There will be a wide offering of workshops on timely topics to enhance your practice. Abstract and video sessions have been scheduled during the meeting with podium presentations and posters, giving the opportunity to researchers to discuss scientific results with the floor.

We look forward to seeing you in Tel Aviv, presenting your research, participating in the scientific exchange, mingling and having a fun time for a successful and exciting conference.

Shimon Ginath

EUGA 2019 Meeting Chair

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