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EUGA PRESIDENT | Prof. Stavros Athanasiou

Dear all,

 It is my great pleasure to welcome you at the 12th annual EUGA meeting in Tel Aviv. It is my particular privilege as actual EUGA President to co-chair with Michele Meschia this event in the city where I work. Milan is a very dynamic and attractive place, that has been changing dramatically over the last decade. A mixture of history and modernity, art and technology can be found in this city. Milan pretends to be in the forefront in Europe for efficiency and productivity. It is therefore and ideal place to host the EUGA meeting.

EUGA is continuing to grow up in terms of members and activities. The last annual meeting in Barcelona, in a very particular moment for that place, has been very successful. This year we expect even more attendants and, most of all, more good quality abstracts submitted.

We need a direct involvement of the highest number of members both for the scientific component and for the management of the association.

The following years will be a great challenge. We have to be enough attractive to members and sponsors. The only way to do so is maintaining and, possibly increasing, quality. This ca be done with the great commitment of EUGA members.

I am sure that Milan will represent a significant phase towards a more and more important role of EUGA in the scientific panorama related to female pelvic floor dysfunction.

MEETING CHAIR  | Dr. Michele Meschia

Dear Colleagues,

It’s truly an honour for me to welcome you to the forthcoming 11th EUGA annual meeting , October 25-27, 2018, at the Marriott Hotel in Milano, which is near and easily connected to the city center .

Are you planning to attend?  Well if you are still undecided, let me paint a picture.

The city of Milan is Italy's business capital, home to a booming fashion and design industry. As well as a great place for shopping and people-watching, where you will be able to spot some the latest style trends. From some of the greatest restaurants in a country already well-known for its gastronomy to theatres, museums and stunning monuments, there is something for everyone in Milan.

A great deal of thought went into formulating not only a stimulating scientific program, but also the preparation of a most enjoyable social program, with the aim to make you familiar with the fascinating and inspiring atmosphere of Milano.

The EUGA is really a special medical meeting, with its own unique culture and focus. It provides European urogynecologis with a chance to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and meet with key european opinion leaders in urogynecology, while still having fun with friends and colleagues.

The meeting itself will provide the clinical and academic content that you have come to expect from EUGA.  There will be a wide offering of workshops on timely topics to enhance your practice. The latest scientific research will be interspersed with focused keynote lectures. We will feature sessions on the management of genitor-utinary pain, pathogenesis of OAB, prevention of  birth trauma, and sexual medicine.  There will also be debats on robotics, mini-invasive surgery for SUI and refractory OAB. Abstract and video sessions have been scheduled during the meeting with podium presentations and posters, giving the opportunity to researchers to discuss scientific results with the floor.

So don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your practice and visit one of the most charming city in Italy.  See you in Milano!

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